Chris Weller’s Hanging Hearts release debut album at Constellation, Chicago

Chris Weller’s Hanging Hearts are releasing their debut album of the same name Friday, Oct. 24 at Constellation in Chicago. The jazz trio and Berklee College of Music graduates include members Cole DeGenova on keyboards, Devin Drobka on drums/percussion, and of course, Chris Weller, tenor saxophonist and primary composer from Oak Park, Illinois.

In terms of genre, Chris Weller’s Hanging Hearts treads in the waters of experimentation offering glimpses of free jazz, improvisation, post bop with rock inspired power. This vibrant album may be complex, but not so much as to make serious listeners lose their focus.

While the instrumentation may lack a bassist, there is no missing soul or groove after witnessing the technical prowess of each musician.

The first track, “D Rover,” comes out of the gates fast with complex drum work, with the saxophone taking the lead and crunchy keyboard timbre. “The Single Petal Of A Rose” follows with a calm melancholy that won’t be heard again for the rest of the short six-track album.

Ambitious tracks like “Doo-Wop” and “Confucius Say,” which assert moments of premeditated dissonance, may cause casual listeners to get lost in the mix. However, those same listeners will find comfort in the blissful melody of “Lucid Dream.”

Despite the fact that Hanging Hearts may be brief in length, the listener will experience a fulfilling sense of exploration that gives this album excellent replay value and a change of pace that will be welcomed by any jazz aficionado.

Chris Weller’s Hanging Hearts will inspire and challenge serious jazz listeners as this progressive trio treks into experimental territory with passion and confidence.

Fans can expect a great performance when Chris Weller’s Hanging Hearts preform this 9:30 p.m. on Friday at Constellation, known for providing Chicago’s niche music community with improvisational and forward thinking jazz and classical artists.

For more information head to Chris Weller's Official Website, Facebook, Bandcamp or SoundCloud.