Check out these incredible Morrissey and Nick Cave-themed vegan cookbooks
Microcosm Publishing

A pair of vegan cookbooks have recently been released by Microcosm Publishing and they both have pretty unusual themes. Comfort Eating with Nick Cave  and Defensive Eating with Morrissey  offer a selection of vegan recipes paired with a host of drawings of the Black Crow King and the Pope of Mope chowing down on the dishes in question.

Created by artist Automne Zingg and vegan chef Joshua Ploeg, the books were actually the product of a romantic and economic induced depression Zing felt while living in Los Angeles in 2013. Zingg was able to pour her feelings in a series of drawings of some of her musical heroes as they stuffed their faces with a variety of different foods. Eventually, Zingg’s art-therapy morphed into a pair of handsome Kickstarter-backed books.

While they share common themes, the two books actually have slightly different culinary concentrations. Comfort Eating with Nick Cave: Vegan Recipes to Get Deep Inside You  focuses on carb-heavy comfort foods like pizza, cinnamon rolls and French fries. Defensive Eating with Morrissey: Vegan Recipes from the One You Left Behind  is more general in nature and has recipes for things like peas, burritos and mac and cheese. Both titles cost $14.99 and are available now.