Check out Love Ghost's epic video for 'Forgive Me'
Love Ghost

Los Angeles-based alternative rock band Love Ghost have released a music video for their song “Forgive Me” and it’s quite epic. Clocking in at 10:17 the Michael v. Green directed short features lead singer Finnegan Seeker Bell as he wanders through a desert wasteland. Eventually, the wanderer comes across a desert ghost (violinist Maya Greene) who directs him to an archway with some unusual properties and then things really start to get weird.  

As many contemporary music videos seem only to be influenced by older music videos, it’s refreshing to see something that looks like it might’ve drawn inspiration from the works of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Andrei Tarkovsky. It’s also heartening to a modern rock song, produced by Mark Renk (P.O.D., Seether), that has some actual heft and crunch to it. With formative alt-rock records like Nevermind and Siamese Dream now almost 30 years old, now’s the perfect time for a grunge revival.

Formed by 15-year-old Finn Bell and childhood friends, Love Ghost was designed to give its members the chance to express their feelings of suburban ennui. Equally inspired by the ‘90s grunge boom and classic horror films, the group’s music has a sound that’s both ominous and energetic. Love Ghost’s latest record, Love Ghost Vol. 1, can be purchased here.