Cheap eats in Brooklyn: three can't-miss pop-ups this summer

It's hard to say exactly when the term "pop-up" practically became synonymous with Brooklyn (okay, maybe Smorgasburg had something to do with that), but for anyone visiting New York, the pop-up is an important experience to have. Even if you live here, this list will be a delicious reminder.

The appeal of a pop-up goes almost without saying - It's ephemeral by nature, and you can bet that whoever is starting one is cooking their heart out, because starting a restaurant is never an easy thing, especially in New York. It's a bit like having a food truck, just without all the parking tickets.

Here are three pop-ups that can't be missed this summer.

Little Nica

Vanessa Palazio and Adam Schneider, the team behind Little Muenster, have launched a pop-up in DUMBO specializing in quesillo, a Nicaraguan street food. Handmade, gluten-free corn tortillas are stuffed with an addictive mixture of semi-soft cow's milk cheese, pickled onions, and crema and rolled into a cone. Order the one with the braised tongue; it's incredibly tender, flavorful and juicy. Little Nica will be around until September.

Margot's Pizza

If it's exclusivity you want plus bragging rights, this is the pop-up to visit. It's a chance to try a type of pizza that not many people have heard of in New York. Adam Kuban, the founder of Slice, specializes in bar pizzas, which according to him, generally have a very thin-crust, are crisp and very well-done. They can be shared with a friend or finished on your own in one sitting. Kuban's outfit runs out of Emily's in Clinton Hill, and pizzas are only available via an online ticketing system. Sign up for their email list to get the latest.

Lucy Roux

Lucy Roux pops up on Sunday evenings in Macri Park in Gowanus, specializing in a unique blend of Creole, Cajun, and Dominican cooking. It's the sort of thing that's probably only found in New York. The menu typically features dishes like corn maque choux, vegan jambalaya, shrimp ceviche and eggplant tacos. If available, go for the Creole gumbo with Dominican pink potato salad; it's co-owner Leah's favorite combination.