Celine Dion greets her fans with her warm smile.
Celine Dion greets her fans with her warm smile.
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She is a sweet lady with a soft speaking voice, but when she sings her voice undergoes this magical transformation hitting every high note with such power and artistic perfection that her fans give her an outstanding applause. Not only has Celine Dion proven that she has a magnificent strong voice, she has also showed the world her profound nature. Before her concerts in Las Vegas, she always held the hand of her late husband Rene Angelil. After he became sick with cancer, he was too weak to go to her performances and hold her hand, so she had a gold cast created of Angelil’s hand. Now even after he was gone, she could still hold the hand of the love of her life who inspired her to sing even more beautifully.

All of Dion’s concerts show her human side, for she is a vocalist who has a wonderful communication with her fans. With every song that she sings, her passion is so strong that that the crowds are moved by her performances. All of her shows are unique, and these are three of her finest showing us how she has changed through the years.

The Colour of My Love Concert was very special for Dion, for it took place in her native homeland of Quebec, Canada in 1993. At this performance, fans saw Dion with short hair and with a black stylish blazer as she sang, “Everybody’s Talkin’ My Baby Down.” She also danced to the beat of this catchy pop song showing the crowds her youthful and joyous spirit, a spirit that she still possess today.

An anonymous person wrote, “Love makes the world go round,” and her fans could certainly feel Dion’s love when they heard her sing, “The Power of Love,” at The Power of Love concert in Boston. She sang every note flawlessly but also with that fervor that touches the hearts of all of her fans. When Dion sings she not only shows us how great she is, for she does what other vocalists do not do - - show us her humane side.

Most of us will never forget the song, “My Heart Will Go On,” and we know that the passionate voice of Dion made those lyrics come to life. During her Millennium Concert in Las Vegas on the night of 1999, she helped fans ring in the New Year, 2000, by singing, “My Heart Will Go On.” Some of her fans were very emotional when they heard her sing this romantic song wiping off the soft tears that gently fell from their eyes. After all, even the hardest of hearts feels emotional after hearing her sing her signature song. Since she has touched the heart of the world proving that her heart will go on, her music will always be timeless.