Caught a Ghost premiere music video for Bosch theme song 'Can't Let Go'
Caught A Ghost/YouTube

Caught a Ghost's single "Can't Let Go" has been chosen as the theme song for the new Amazon original series "Bosch," and in conjunction with the show's premiere this Friday, the band is premiering the song's music video exclusively on AXS. You can watch the video at the top of this article.

"Bosch" is a detective drama based on the Michael Connelly book series and features Titus Welliver ("The Good Wife") as the title character alongside Annie Wersching ("24"). You can watch the series trailer - which also uses "Can't Let Go" - here.

We asked Jesse Nolan, who wrote and produced the song and video, to give us some insight into the piece and its use on the show.

"'Can't Let Go' was one of the first Caught a Ghost songs I wrote, and has been one of my favorites to perform live," he explained. "We never released it as a single, but the song has a really dark energy, and the lyric makes it a really fun show opener.

"The song is basically about obsession. The idea for the song originated from feeling like I couldn't free myself from some dark feelings I was wrestling with, and as is always the case, making music is always the only cure for such a condition.

"I think about Caught a Ghost as a sort of exorcism, because I feel that making music purges the demons and has a unique power to transform darkness into light," he continued. "Over the course of the song, I always feel like "I've got a feeling that I can't let go" becomes an incantation about how much I love music, which is a completely different sentiment from the sense of struggle the narrator feels in the verses."

As for its brand new platform, "I was thrilled that the TV show 'Bosch' decided to use the song as a theme song, because I loved their use of it in the trailer," Jesse explained. "The song has a real film noir feel to me, so I think it's a really nice marriage.

"I wanted to create a video that reflected this, so I used footage from some Orson Welles' 'The Trial' and a couple other films. I think Orson Welles has the most stunning visual sensibility, and I find myself haunted by his images not only while making videos but also writing music.

"'The Trial' is also based on a book by Franz Kafka, who has been a very strong influence on my lyrical approach. Our first EP was entitled Night Works because Kafka referred to writing as "night work."

I'm really happy the song is finding a new audience. I hope people enjoy it as much as I like playing it."

Caught a Ghost's debut album, Human Nature, is now available on iTunes. All ten episodes of the first season of "Bosch" will become available to stream this Friday, February 13.

For more on Caught a Ghost, visit their band page on AXS.