Carlos Vives' 'Más + Corazón Profundo' album breaks Colombian record sales

Carlos Vives may have been out of the Latin music industry limelight for eight years, but he definitely was not forgotten. As soon as his new material, Más + Corazón Profundo, was released, Vives was back in the hearts of his people and his fans.

The Colombian vallenato, pop and rock singer returned to repeat the feat of his previous album, this time in full force, breaking record sales in his native homeland Colombia. And within hours of his new album release, "Más + Corazón Profundo," sold over 40,000 units breaking the record as his first version of the album ''Corazón Profundo'' and selling more records than any other artist in his country.

He also managed to debut in first place in both physical and digital sales in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica, among others. As for in the United States, Más + Corazón Profundo is among the best-selling album in the Latin Billboard music chart. In Venezuela, the United States, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic and other regions, Vives' album debut in the top three spots for digital sales. In celebrating the release of the second part of his album, he had two album signing events in Miami, Fla. and Caguas, Puerto Rico, where hundreds of fans showed up.

Más + Corazón Profundo has the same winning formula demonstrated at the 2013 Latin Grammy Awards with the first version of "Corazón Profundo." The songs were written by Vives with the collaboration of the Colombian producer Andrés Castro; Curt Schneider as the mixing engineer and recorded at studios in Los Angeles, Miami and Colombia. The unedited album has 10 new songs inclusive of "El Mar de sus Ojos", a single that remains number one in Colombian radio charts and on iTunes, and was also No. 1 on Billboard Latin music charts in the United States. The next single released from Más + Corazón Profundo is a duo recorded with salsa singer Marc Anthony - "Cuando Nos Volvamos a Encontrar" with the video expected to be released in June.

The album also includes bonus tracks - two versions of the official hymn of Coca Cola for the FIFA World Cup in English and Spanish and Portuguese and Spanish titled "La Copa de Todos"; the salsa version of "La Foto De Los Dos" and the original extended version of "Volví a Nacer" written by Carlos Vives.

Carlos Vives new album "Más + Corazón Profundo" is available on iTunes.

Sources Nevarez Communications