Cannibal Corpse's 'A Skeletal Domain' is almost here
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You don't have to like death metal if you don't want to, but there's no denying its staying power when you consider the fact that Cannibal Corpse has been around for almost three decades now. Considered the biggest death metal band in the world, Cannibal Corpse is still going strong, delivering the goods to their adoring gore-loving fans, and with no end in sight.

The popularity of Cannibal Corpse has even been growing stronger with each album - 2006's Kill debuted at #170 on the Billboard Top 200, 2009's Evisceration Plague hit #66, and 2012's Torture made the scene at #38 with a giant middle figure to anyone who is silly enough to believe a death metal act isn't all that. Although two years isn't all that long to wait for a new album, there's a lot of pent up anticipation for Cannibal Corpse's forthcoming release, A Skeletal Domain.

A Skeletal Domain is the lucky-thirteenth studio album for these torture and zombie advocates. Working with producer Mark Lewis of The Black Dahlia Murder and DevilDriver fame, among others, the result is a bombastic, belligerent, and deliberate aural onslaught.

Preparation for the recording of A Skeletal Domain wasn't much different from previous Cannibal Corpse's previous stints in the studio, although producer Mark Lewis brought a more modern recording approach to the table. "At the end of the day, we're still making a death metal record, no matter where it's being recorded," explained Cannibal Corpse bassist, Alex Webster, in a press release.

Switching producers every few albums is a technique that Cannibal Corpse has done throughout their career as to not get too comfortable with any one person and process. "Consistency is often confused with repetition, articulated Webster, "We are established with what we do as a band, and we could relax and not push ourselves, but we try to push the envelope. That's what makes this exciting. Anyone who really listens to this album with an open mind will hear that it's not same-old same-old."

Mark Lewis feels just as strongly about this release, stating: "there are moments on this record that have never happened in musical history."

With each band member contributing to the song writing process (Patrick O'Brien – lead guitar - wrote five tracks, Webster wrote four, and Rob Barrett – rhythm guitar - two and half ("Asphyxiate to Resuscitate" was co-written with drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz), Webster describes the band's song writing system as a "football team with a lot of roster depth. Any of us could write an entire album, but when we're working together and putting forth our best material, we get an even better whole record."

A Skeletal Domain will hit the atmosphere on September 16.

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