Cannibal Corpse is the B movie of death metal, and that's awesome
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Buffalo, New York's Cannibal Corpse is one of the more popular death metal bands to hit the scene in '90s. While inspired by some at least moderately mainstream thrash bands like Slayer, Cannibal Corpse is unlikely to see mainstream or crossover success, though it commands a huge metal following. With riffs reminiscent of bands like Slayer and Pantera coupled with the nearly unintelligible vocals of death metal, Cannibal Corpse is just never going to be a band that is easy to swallow. That's okay for those of you who like to choke on their metal.

When thinking of Cannibal Corpse, it is hard to ignore the nonsense reaction to their lyrics. Like a horror movie, its topics involve murder, gory acts of violence and other disgusting elements. Shock value has a place in this type of music, but there will always be those who think violent music is some kind of call to action. You are not going to enjoy seeing this band or even listening to it if you think violent music leads to violence. If you think you can handle releasing some of your anger through music in a safe way, pick up that album or buy those tickets. You just might enjoy Cannibal Corpse.

Sometimes a band's reputation gets bigger than its music. Cannibal Corpse does have a wealth of decriers. However, you are missing out if you want to ignore the talented licks of Patrick O'Brien, the fast feet of Paul Mazurkiewicz, Corpsegrinder's ridiculously guttural voice, Alex Webster's wicked fast bass and the inspired rhythm of Rob Barrett. If death metal is your thing, it is likely that Cannibal Corpse is as well.

Since 1990, Cannibal Corpse has released 13 albums with A Skeletal Domain coming out in 2014. It would be a stretch to say that the most recent album is a departure from the early days with tunes like "Hammer Smashed Face." You have to have a pretty good ear to pick up on the subtleties of this insanely fast music anyway. That is not to say that Cannibal Corpse does not change. The songs are different. The riffs are different and you should definitely give every new album a shot. This band has just found its sound and it works for it, every single time.

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