California rockers Sugar Ray still partying their way through music
Atlantic Records/YouTube

Whenever California rock band Sugar Ray took the stage in their heyday, one thing was always clear: they were having a great time. The guys behind summer hits like "Fly," "Every Morning," "Someday," and "When It's Over" loved to perform for audiences, and nearly two decades after "Fly" made them superstars, they're still making sure that we have a great time, too.

Sugar Ray - which currently consists of original members Mark McGrath (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion) and Rodney Sheppard (lead guitar, backing vocals) alongside newer players Dean Butterworld (drums, percussion, backing vocals) and Kristian Attiard (bass guitar, backing vocals) - was actually first founded in the early 1990s. According to Allmusic, the band's original name was Shrinky Dinx, but they were forced to change it due to the threat of a lawsuit from Milton Bradley, the company which owns the rights to the classic Shrinky Dinks toy. Thus, Sugar Ray was born.

The band's first major hit didn't come until the release of their second album, 1997's Floored, as "Fly" topped three different Billboard charts - Modern Rock Tracks, Mainstream Top 40, and Hot 100 Airplay - on its way to being called one of VH1's "100 Greatest Songs of the 90's" (it was number 52). The song led to Floored being certified double Platinum by the RIAA, and as it took over the airwaves, critics wondered if Sugar Ray was a one-hit wonder. With the band's trademark cheekiness, they responded to that criticism by naming their next record 14:59 - a reference to the expression "15 minutes of fame" - and coming back with two more hit songs.

"Every Morning" and "Someday" hit number three and number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 chart respectively, while 2001's Sugar Ray yielded "When It's Over," which charted at number thirteen. The band then released In The Pursuit of Leisure in 2003 and, after a slow period, Music For Cougars in 2009. One thing that remained the same through all those years was the band's sense of fun and never taking themselves too seriously. No matter if they're topping the charts or appearing on FOX's animated series "American Dad!," they've always been entertaining.

Through lineup changes and other ventures (McGrath has established a TV career, currently hosting TruTV's "Killer Karaoke"), like an old friend, Sugar Ray always seems to stick around. As late as 2013, they were recording new material, and will hit the road again this summer for the "Under The Sun" nostalgia tour alongside other 1990's bands. If you have a chance to catch them live, it won't be just a return to pleasant memories from long ago - you'll find out that these guys from Orange County still know how to party.