Boston's best places to grab a cheesesteak sub
Taib Lam

While Philadelphia is home to the cheesesteak, Boston has its fair share of fantastic versions. From twists on the classic to perfected traditional subs, you can choose from a variety of options when you hit the city for a sandwich. Just make sure you bring an appetite. These subs, which Bostonians call steak and cheese, are some serious business.

Al's State Street Cafe

Al's Cafe on State Street in Boston has four versions of the cheesesteak from which you can choose. From the Bellino with just some basic toppings to the Steak Pizzaiola, which is essentially a chicken parmesan sub with steak instead of chicken, you will not be bored with the options at Al's. The prices aren't bad, either. This place has a set rate for all small and large subs, so you don't pay a high premium for your steak.

T. Anthony

T. Anthony is your pretty basic sandwich and pizza shop. However, it is not basic when it comes to the steak subs. Its sirloin steak has chunks of beef instead of shaved steak. You choose your toppings, so you can wind up with a Philly-style sub or something a bit more sophisticated. This sandwich is for people who really love to dig into their meat. If you prefer a delicate shave that is easier to chew, this is not your cheesesteak.

Joe's Famous Steak and Cheese

For more than 40 years, Joe's Famous Steak and Cheese has been serving up this popular sub to Boston. These are massive subs with all of the toppings you could possibly want at your disposable. Peppers, mushrooms, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard . . . whatever you want. It even offers a top off of egg and cheese if you like. For some reason, egg just goes well with steak and it stands up well in a steak and cheese sub.

All of these restaurants also have a good selection of other subs, salads and even pizza. If you want to go out with a friend who isn't into cheesesteak, don't worry. Just tell them the food is great and proceed to get your greasy fill of steak, cheese and sautéed veggies.