Bonobo reveals new track from forthcoming EP

Simon Green is Bonobo, a fearsomely gifted British musician and DJ who’s fashioned his title after a great ape. Green will soon end an epic 18-month journey—the North Borders Tour—before immediately releasing the Flashlight EP on December 2. The second track of the three-song mini-record, “Pelican,” was revealed today via Soundcloud.

Thump has said of the track: “‘Pelican’ [is] a deep and atmospheric trek into low-rolling garage, woozy synths and martial snares. This is music to dream to, three-dimensional stuff that soothes the mind and works the body.”

And indeed, the track—in keeping with Bonobo’s entire repertoire—has a 3-D texture to it, and those rich textures are what makes his music so memorable. He really utilizes all the weapons in his arsenal: density, sonorous variance, motivic integration, harmonic progression…everything is manipulated and developed in a manner that makes his arrangements absolutely devoid of banality. That is to say, it’s always interesting.

The final show of Bonobo’s current tour, a sold-out DJ set at London’s Alexandra Palace, will be live streamed via Boiler Room here at 3:30pm EST on November 28. Check it out and you may even catch aural glimpses of Flashlight (full tracklist below). Until then, melt into that sweet, sweet Bonobo groove.

1. Flashlight
2. Pelican
3. Return to Air