Bon Jovi's 5 most underrated songs

Bon Jovi broke out in the 80s in the hair metal scene and have been one of the few bands from that era to remain popular three decades later. Every year, Bon Jovi is regularly one of the highest grossing music acts in the world when touring, and this is with mostly a music catalog that has its best hits from over 30 years ago. With so many great songs, here is a look at Bon Jovi’s most underrated songs.

Never Say Goodbye

The album that made the band stars was Slippery When Wet, and there were so many great songs on that album that one had to get overlooked. While “Never Say Goodbye” was a single, and was a radio hit, it wasn’t even considered for the band’s first greatest hits album Cross Road. However, in 1987, it was one of the most used songs at high school graduations and is still one of their best ballads.

Keep the Faith

The title song from the album Keep the Faith might have been forgotten because that album, as great as it was, came out when hair metal was dying out to the grunge scene. However, this song was an incredible addition, with great guitar work and fantastic lyrics about society injustice.


There was one new single on the Cross Road greatest hits compilation, and while “Always” got a big theatrical influenced music video, it isn’t a song that many people discuss now. However, it is a great song, originally written as a soundtrack song for Romeo is Bleeding, and is proof that Bon Jovi could still produce great songs even after hair metal died.

Wanted Dead or Alive (This Left Feels Right)

No, “Wanted Dead or Alive” isn’t underrated, as it is the band’s most famous and popular song. However, in 2003, Bon Jovi released an experimental album where they took their old hits and re-recorded them in an entirely different style. This is a big test because it challenges the written lyrics to see if they can survive in a different sound, and for “Wanted Dead or Alive,” it was an enormous success. This song is fantastic and not enough people have heard it.

Born to Be My Baby

New Jersey was the follow-up to the very successful Slippery When Wet, and “Born to Be My Baby” was not only the follow-up single to the very popular “Bad Medicine,” but it also followed it on the album. Since then, it has lived in the shadow of the more famous song but is just as great as the album’s lead track.