I Guess This Is Growing Up (Volume 1)
I Guess This Is Growing Up (Volume 1)
Enjoyment Records

Who doesn't have love for Blink-182?

Over the course of the past twenty-two years, the band has released tons of music, and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who didn't love at least one of the band's songs (even though there are thousands who are afraid to admit it). The band has been going through some lineup changes and the drama that has come along with Tom DeLonge being removed and replaced by Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio fame.

But there is some joy in the world of Blink-182. Enjoyment Records recently unveiled I Guess This Is Growing Up (Volume 1), a free download in a three-part series that features bands covering Blink-182 songs.

Taking its name from a lyric in the song "Dammit," the first volume of I Guess This Is Growing Up finds Lions covering "Man Overboard," Invalids covering "Lemmings," Tir Asleen covering "Wendy Clear," Dads covering "Adam's Song," Slingshot Dakota covering "Stay Together for the Kids," and We'll Die Smiling covering "Dammit." Each of the bands has their own unique sound and bring something different to their approach to covering Blink-182.

You can download I Guess This Is Growing Up (Volume 1) for free through the Enjoyment Records Bandcamp here. The songs will be pressed on vinyl once all three volumes are released.