Veteran composer Bill Brown's credits include 'CSI: NY' and the upcoming second season of 'Dominion.'
Veteran composer Bill Brown's credits include 'CSI: NY' and the upcoming second season of 'Dominion.'
Courtesy of CW3PR

Composer Bill Brown has a new gig - crafting the music for SyFy's original series "Dominion" when the show returns this July. After laying down the score for the entirety of CBS's "CSI: NY," as well as more than two dozen video games and some movies while he's at it, he knows his way around marrying music to images, and talked to AXS about his latest endeavor.

He got the call to take over on "Dominion" from director Deran Serafian, with whom he had previously worked on "CSI: NY," and called the subsequent meeting with show creator Vaun Wilmott so inspiring that he woke up the next day already with ideas that he couldn't get into his computer fast enough. "This is really an exciting project for me," Bill said in our e-mail interview, "because I get to return to my epic orchestral roots, and combine a modern sensibility with ancient sounds and haunting themes." He plans to take full advantage of that broad scope!

Stepping into a project already in production actually is not that different from his previous TV gig, where he was the man behind the music from start to finish. It's always about refining the score, heightening the emotion and the action, and he's still writing themes and creating sounds for "Dominion" now, before the first episode has even been locked. He's even bringing in incredible musicians such as Tina Guo, the cellist who performed on "CSI," to contribute to his new adventure.

"We’re all super-excited about the direction the music is taking," he explained. "The narrative of 'Dominion' is epic and ancient, and yet set in the future, so there’s this beautiful combination of all of these elements. The music is designed to really draw us all even further into this dangerous, exciting world and to connect with these characters."

Another aspect that's got him excited is the new equipment he's working with, courtesy of Moog Music. He's got some fantastic modular synths, including the Moog System 55, which is actually a re-issue of an analog modular synth from the 1970's that he likens to a time machine. Its super-complex circuitry enables him to create driving rhythms and wild sounds, which are perfect when you're composing for a post-apocalyptic TV series.

Armed with even more interesting tools to assist him, the BMI award winner can now combine his passion for music technology with his talent for composition in a whole new way for "Dominion." His compositions are already like putting all these elements of music into a sophisticated cocktail, and now it's as if someone has bought him a top of the line mixer to make it even better. Listen for "Dominion" to blow you out of the water this July.

You can listen to a wide variety of Bill's music on his specially arranged playlists via SoundCloud. Then you can download several of his albums via iTunes from his catalogue.

For more on Bill Brown, visit his official website.