Best unique Bloody Marys in Chicago

Having a drink with friends after work? What about looking for a place to unwind and have a drink or two before heading home? Chicago offers some of the best drinks, but their Bloody Marys are some of the best. Each place you go will have unique qualities, and some of them alter the traditional drink pairing it with something you wouldn't expect. Below you will find the best of the best when it comes to Bloody Marys in Chicago.

Smoke Daddy

Are you in the mood for some barbecue and a Bloody Mary? Smoke Daddy is the best place to go for ribs in Chicago, so why not grab one of their famous drinks while you are there. Vodka and tomato juice paired seems like a good enough combination, but what adding some pulled pork and brisket to your drink as garnish? That's right, you get some meaty deliciousness along with the drink you order. If you haven't been here and love barbecue, you need to make this stop a priority!

The Grid

Blood Mary with a Chicago-style hot dog as a garnish? That is what The Grid offers patrons who order the famous Chicago dog Blood Mary. It is your typical drink but garnished with hot peppers, onions, pickle and a full-size Chicago hot dog on a bun . You will have to see it to believe it because talking about the Chicago dog Bloody Mary just doesn't do it enough justice. If you are in the area and in the mood for something unique, this is the place to go!


This is by far the craziest Bloody Mary in the city of Chicago. Sunda serves the Sumo Mary, which is a gigantic version of your favorite drink. A whopping 32 ounces of Bloody Mary fills the glass, and it is topped with what many refer to as a buffet. There is bacon, Chinese broccoli, herb-roasted potatoes, and several more unique items. If you haven't experienced the Sumo Mary, you are missing out. Make Sunda a destination of choice and treat yourself to a Bloody Mary you won't likely forget.