Best places to buy wine & spirits in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area

Thanksgiving is a time of blessings for our families and friends and to give thanks for all that we do have. And celebrating this with a wonderful bottle of wine or spirits will top off the occasion and set your table beautifully.

Below you will find a list of some of the top places to buy your Thanksgiving delights!

Solo Vilo

Beautiful and quaint is the Solo Vilo who states that they have a local store, but are worldly. Kudos to that as they keep up with the high demand for the ever changing demands found in the production and consumption of wine. Most of their inventory consists of imported wines with a high concentration of their sales coming from wines that are produced on the Iberian Peninsula. They love to expose the smaller unheard of vineyards and if there is something that you are looking for and it is not in stock, they will gladly order it with a smile! Beautiful!

Surdyk’s Liquor & Cheese Shop

Surdyk’s Liquor & Cheese Shop has been serving the local customers since 1934 and truly know what brings the home time feeling of Thanksgiving to the table. Surdyk’s not only has the largest selection of wines from all over the world, they also have wine education classes where they offer a variety of courses from several different aspects pertaining to wines. But that is not all they have, they also offer cheeses that are sold from all over the world to compliment that bottle of wine. They also offer a 200 square foot walk in humidor with over 250 cigars to choose from. One of the first liquor stores to offer the walk-in humidor with such a large variety to choose from.

Haskell’s – The Wine People

Haskell’s are The Wine People and have more than several locations throughout the Minneapolis – St. Paul area to prove it! They actually have a total of eleven stores to date in the entire area! Many of the locals will also tell you that Haskell’s would be the best place to shop for your wine, beer, spirits and other condiments to compliment your beverages. Haskell’s is also famous for their nickel sale that is held several times a year. The nickel sale is just what is says, purchase a bottle of wine at regular price and you can buy another bottle for a nickel! Now that is a splendid deal! They are also quoted as being one of the finest wine stores from “Chicago to California”. Who can beat that?


Voted the Twin Cities best in 2012 they are not your usual wine and liquor store, or so they like to think they are unusual until you try them and you are hooked! They have been serving the needs of the community since 1961 with great service and paying attention to what the customer loves. They offer over 2,000 types of wines, which have all been tasted by a member of the wine staff before ordering for the store or the customer. So thought to detail is in every bottle in the store. They also offer liquors and brews, as well as kegs for the party you might be throwing over the holidays. Stop in to see what has kep this local wine & spirit store on the map for so long!

Thanksgiving is a time of joy and blessings for all that we have and for those that we love and cherish. Please drink responsibly~