Best metal love songs
tommy the cat

Whereas some people think crude, creepy and noisy, we think raw, real and impassioned when it comes to metal music. The hard-hitting genre may not seem like the most obvious choice for romantic listening material, but we’d argue that heavy rockers convey love the best. With intricate plotting, powerful language and a helluva instrumental performance, metal love songs leave no emotion untouched. Check out our picks for the best metal love songs below.

Savatage - “Not What You See”

Not your average love story, Savatage traces forbidden love across enemy lines in war-torn Bosnia.

Type O Negative - “Love You To Death”

The gothic/doom metal band dials up the heat on this jam, probably best-suited for more intimate moments.

Rammstein - “Ohne Dich”

Translated to “Without You,” this German power ballad conveys absence and longing as our narrator embarks on a quest into a dark forest only to find "on the branches and in the ditches it is now silent and without life."

In Flames - “Evil in a Closet”

When singer Anders Fridén wails “Maybe in another lifetime,” we immediately understand his struggle. This tale of unrequited love blends anger and gloom with impassioned wailing and an unexpectedly mellow guitar solo.

Skid Row - "I Remember You"

This prom classic sets romance on fire with a mellow acoustic melody layered under heavy electric guitars and wailing vocals.

Ozzy Osbourne - “Mama, I’m Coming Home”

This anthemic power ballad is an exercise in apology as Osbourne reaches out to his longtime partner Sharon, who he refers to as Mama. Osbourne’s confessional lyrics reveal his battle with drug addiction and desire to return home.

Gojira - “Love”

We feel for the narrator of this frenzied song, who is struggling with an unrequited romance.

Babymetal - “Amore”

Sung in Japanese, Amore (蒼星, which means blue star) uses powerful imagery to sweep us through the mystical journey of love: Slashing through the blue darkness/Moonlight pierces to the beyond/Paints the evening flowers by its glow/Dancing in the transient dream/The eyes of one who had taken a vow.

Opeth - “When”

Blending quiet, meditative stanzas with unabashed belting, our narrator takes a ghostly journey to find his widow in this tangled saga.

Black Sabbath - “N.I.B.”

If the lyrics “I will give you those things you thought unreal/The sun, the moon, the stars all bear my seal,” sound a little mushy, don’t discount this story just yet. The narrator is none other than Lucifer. Centered around a memorable bass riff, this metal jam coneys passion and transformation as our Satanic narrator is changed for the better by true love. Outside the story, it’s a straight ‘70s hard rock classic that’s been compared to the music of Cream.