Best comedy love songs for Valentine's Day
Leslie Perry — Flickr

Love can do funny things to people and, lucky for us, some of the best comedians in the world have directed their unique senses of humor towards relationships with hilarious songs. In honor of Valentine's Day, AXS took a look at some of the best comedy songs about that crazy little thing called love.


Adam Sandler – “Grow Old with You”

Adam Sandler has written songs about many different holidays including Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. In 1993, he wrote a special song for Valentine's Day all about his favorite “Red Hooded Sweatshirt,” but the Sandman's most touching love song has to be “Grow Old with You” which he wrote and performed for “The Wedding Singer.”

Reggie Watts – “Apple Song”

Late last year, Reggie Watts dropped his brilliant new Netflix special, “Spatial.” The show was full of absurdist comedy fun, hilarious sketches and even a song or two. The “Late Late Show” bandleader even sang of love in a catchy little number known as “The Apple Song.” “It's so right for me to get jealous/'cause I gotta think of you as a piece of property/I've gotta hold on to you and when I say you're my girl it really means that I own you inside of my mind,” he sings on the bouncy tune.

Flight of the Conchords – “The Most Beautiful Girl”

< a herf=”” target="_blank">Flight of the Conchords have written a number of hilarious love songs including “The Most Beautiful Girl.” Throughout the track, Jemaine Clement details the experience of falling in love at first sight with a woman who “could be a part-time model” with passion and hilarity as no one else can.

The Lonely Island – “I Just Had Sex”

When it comes to hilarious and sexy love songs, it doesn't get much better than The Lonely Island's deep catalog of hits. This fact has never been more apparent than in the detailed lyrics of the group's 2010 banger, “I Just Had Sex.”

Tenacious D – “F*ck Her Gently”

“This is a song for the ladies,” Jack Black sings at the top of Tenacious D's ode to making sweet, sweet love, known as “F*ck Her Gently.” The love song even provides the fellas with some helpful tips to enhance their love life.

Spinal Tap – “Big Bottom”

Various aspects of women's bodies have inspired some of the best songs ever written including “Brown Eyed Girl” and “The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair.” Spinal Tap celebrated what they consider to be the greatest asset of the female form with their amazing love song, “Big Bottom.” “Talk about bum cakes my gal's got 'em/Big bottom drive me out of my mind/How can I leave this behind,” David St. Hubbins (Michael McKean) sings in the triumphant chorus.