Best bars and restaurants to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in San Francisco, Oakland and The Bay Area 2017

The San Francisco Bay Area has a huge Hispanic influence that makes this area one of the best in America to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

With a wealth of activities that will be planned for this special day, you will not be bored to tears on Cinco de Mayo. The best way to celebrate this special holiday is by heading out to a bar or restaurant that will fling open their doors to revelers, and here are the five best spots where the party will be hopping on Cinco de Mayo in the Bay Area.

The Little Chihuahua
292 Divisadero St., San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 255-8225

This little Mexican hole-in-the-wall will pack a huge punch on Cinco de Mayo. The Little Chihuahua in Lower Haight has a Mexican cuisine that is flavorful and will make you think that you’re celebrating May 5th in Mexico City rather than in San Francisco.

Velvet Cantina
3349 23rd St., San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 648-4142  

When Cinco de Mayo rolls around in San Francisco, this Mission cantina becomes ground zero for non-stop partying. Velvet Cantina is a spot where the margaritas are strong and simply on point; and don’t miss out on their Mexican cuisine either, which goes fantastic with the strong margaritas Velvet Cantina is known for.

Nieves Cinco de Mayo
Fruitvale Public Market -- 3340 E. 12th St., Oakland, CA 94601
(510) 533-6296

Here’s a unique place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the whole family. If you have never tried Mexican desserts and treats, make sure that you make a visit to the Nieves Cinco de Mayo stand inside the Fruitvale Public Market, which sells Mexican ice cream, treats and more that will make for a fun day on this special holiday.

87 E. San Fernando St., San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 293-4321

When it’s time to party on Cinco de Mayo, most South Bay revelers head to this downtown San Jose hotspot. Chacho’s does Mexican cuisine the way it’s supposed to be done, and the drinks that are served here are strong. Add that to the friendly service, and you now have a place to hold your epic Cinco de Mayo party.

El Palomar Restaurant
1226 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, CA
(831) 425-7575

The beach is not the only attraction in Santa Cruz. Sitting on Pacific Avenue is El Palomar, a Mexican restaurant that is one of the best on the coast. The food is fantastic, the drinks are just right, and the atmosphere will provide the fun on Cinco de Mayo.