Beck wows with "Wow," announces release date for new album

Once again musical chameleon Beck has changed his colors, and “Wow” what vibrant colors they are. The first news of new music from Beck came on Wednesday when a technicolor toned post on Instagram surfaced urging fans to “Giddy Up,” with a caption announcing that “Wow” would be released the following day. Beck made good on his promise and “Wow” has certainly lived up to its name.

Released with a lyric video that, along with the Ennio Morricone inspired beat, makes you feel like you hallucinating on some distant desert planet that could be earth but you’re not sure and you’re somehow looking back in time to the present day. That’s right, wow. Beck has always been an innovator, but there’s something about “Wow” that smacks of the future. It’s what the kids are listening to, literally.

Along with “Wow” Beck has also announced release dates for his latest album—the follow up to Album of the Year Grammy winner Morning Phase—slated for October 21. While working on the new record with longtime collaborator and Sea Change live band member Greg Kurstin, the singer-songwriter noticed that when he would demo “Wow” around the house his kids and their friends were really digging on the track. That’s usually a good sign. While “Wow” is sure to be a summer anthem akin to last summer’s “Dreams,” it will be interesting so see what the new album has in store.

Keep it at for more Beck news and see below for some of the posts that Beck has urged fans to create with the hashtag #beckWOW on their interpretations of “WOW.”