Beck tapped into Instagram to help create his music video for ‘Wow’
Capitol Records

When Beck Hansen released his official updated version of the music video for “Wow” last week, he wowed fans with his own indie-style of western storytelling with a mix of 3D motion graphics, semi-psychedelic animation, and of course beautiful horses were running in slow motion. This wasn’t your standard music video cinematography however, as Beck looked to a more common outlet to find inspiration to translate his summer single into a reality. He needed to look no further than to Instagram.

WIRED recently reported that instead of trying to create these images and shots with his own team, he turned to the help of digital artists like Andy Gregg, Randy Cano, and John McLaughlin, to contribute their own motion graphic artwork for the music video. So in reality, what fans were watching was more of a Beck-themed art show, highlighting some of the most talented visual creators on the popular social media network.

Gregg, Cano, and McLaughlin weren’t the only artists to contribute their own unique style of visual composition to the 3:45-length video. Each of the clips are only a few seconds in length, so there were numerous artists who were called upon to help build up enough content to fill the length of the song and help Beck’s music become a visual reality. Leave it up to none other than Beck to totally change the game on how to find inspiration and material for his art. Giddy up.

The full list of contributing animators includes Sam Cannon, Randy Cano, Andy Gregg, David McLeod, John McLaughlin, Jess Rona, Steve Smith, and Colby Richardson.

“Wow” is the only song that Beck has released so far in 2016, and has seemed to fly under the radar in the overall pop world as the song of the summer. It was initially supposed to have hip-hop hotshot Chance The Rapper appear on it but those plans fell through unfortunately. Expect the single to appear on Beck’s upcoming untitled album, due out on October 21.