Beck shares new track 'Dreams'

Beck had a pretty prolific 2014. After releasing Morning Phase, which eventually won him the Album of the Year Grammy, in February, Mr. Hansen released a full studio LP of Song Reader, the expansive book of sheet music he composed and released in 2012. (Rolling Stone named it the 50th best album of 2013 and it wasn’t even an album.) And with plaudits and talent abounding, why not keep the good times rolling?

Today, Beck released the first song from his yet unnamed follow-up to Morning Phase. “Dreams” was co-written with Greg Kurstin and Andrew Wyatt and, despite the name, indicates a divergence from the delectably languid soundscapes Beck manufactured in his 2014 record. In an exclusive interview with Alt 98.7, the four-time platinum artist said “Dreams” “started out as a heavy garage rock thing and became much more of a dance, some other kind of hybrid.”

And the jangly guitar motif that conceives the track does indeed signal the trappings of a garage rock jam, but it soon gives way to a supremely danceable beat and Beck’s playful vocals. His mastery of both innovative songwriting and impeccable production makes such hybrids accessible and intelligent, an increasingly rare combination. As such, it’s got Beck’s signature all over it, and that’s pretty much all we could ever ask for.

You can buy “Dreams” on iTunes here and stream it above. Watch for more new Beck to follow over the coming months.