Beck’s ‘Wow’ has been the song of the summer all along
Beck / Capitol Records

It’s halfway through the last week of July, and the first day of August is on Monday. There have been beach days, road trips, music festivals, holiday weekends, BBQs, rooftop parties, pool parties, graduation parties, and everything else summer provides that puts everyone is a great mood for four months out of the year. For music fans, there’s really only one big item that hasn’t been crossed off the summer bucket list, which is acknowledging and accepting official song of the summer.

2015 had The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face” and the Wiz Kalifa/Charlie Puth’s collaboration with “See You Again.” 2014 had Calvin Harris’ “Summer” and Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”, and going way back to 2013 there was of course Lorde’s “Royals”, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, and Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” with Pharrell. Which brings us back to who deserves to wear the crown for 2016’s official song of the summer. In reality, that song has been here all along, and it belongs to none other than the genius that is Beck Hansen.

Wow” is the song of the summer that no one has been able to acknowledge yet, most likely because they’re too busy looking for it to come from a more youthful pop star. It was released on Capitol Records back at the actual start of summer on June 2, as the second single released from his upcoming, currently untitled album which will be the follow up to 2014’s Morning Phase that earned Beck the Grammy for Album of the Year. Chance the Rapper was actually supposed to make an appearance on “Wow.” Perhaps that was the co-promotional boost the label was looking for that slipped through the cracks and this subject wouldn’t even be a debate at that point.

The three-minute and forty-second song meets all the criteria needed to be a hit summer single. It opens up with a simple, yet effective riff by means of siren-like flute sounds, only to be layered onto by great beat that only Beck could produce. The idea of the single can easily be themed to summer with a repeating chorus of “Like Wow/It’s Like Right Now.” With the simplicity of the lyrics and music, it’s like Beck is daring the song to be remixed into cool sub-versions of itself within the electronic music world. Even the music video is full of wild and colorful animations that resemble what summer could be in someone’s imagination.

As mentioned earlier, August starts next week, and there are only so many more pool parties to be had without a song for everyone to sing along to. There’s still time for Capitol Records and music fans around the country to come to the realization that “Wow” is indeed the 2016’s song of the summer.