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Josef Hernandez - AXS Contributor
By: AXS Contributor Apr 26, 2015
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Some bands and artists are easy to define and place within a specific genre. Others are much more difficult. One artist that seems to dance between genres with ease is Beck. The only certainty that comes with a new Beck song is that the listener does not know what to expect. Even his fans, who can appreciate his talent, may be torn on how much they like one of his songs as Beck just never seems to do what is expected from him. From rock to rap to hip hop to electronic music, Beck is at home with music in all of its forms. The only thing that may be harder to define than Beck’s music is his lyrics. With a poetic quality and a bizarre factor that approaches the surreal, Beck’s lyrics often educate and confuse at the same time. Here are the five best Beck lyrics.

5. “When the memory leaves you/Somewhere you can’t make it home/When the morning comes to meet you/Lay me down in waking light

This verse from “Waking Light” is a somewhat touching sentiment which seems to run counter to much of Beck’s harsher imagery. This verse shows not only Beck’s understanding of the human condition, but his versatility as a songwriter to shine a light on different aspects of the human mind.

4. “They know your secrets and you know theirs/This town is crazy, nobody cares

This verse from “Lost Cause” is another look into the human psyche with Beck’s unique twist on the nature of how we view our neighbors and the thoughts that they harbor about those who surround them.

3. “There’s shopping malls/Coming out of the walls/As we walk out among the manure

Beck is known to be counter-cultural in his approach to music and this verse from “Pay No Mind” illustrates his lashing out against the dominant consumerism of society. Beck seems to be calling for everyone to be unique and to do what they want rather than giving into the pre-packaged conventions of society.

2. “I got two turntables and a microphone

Beck is nothing if not unique and unexpected and this verse from “Where It’s At” seems to sum up the artist perfectly. Beck’s music seems to be a constant blur of genres and changes in approach so that it often seems as if Beck is working multiple instruments and singing at the same time.

1. “I’m a loser, baby/So why don’t you kill me

Anyone who has ever listened to Beck will recognize this verse from his breakthrough hit “Loser.” Beck has always celebrated the darker and usually unsung people who are just everyday people living their lives and who are often overlooked. When listening to Beck, we can all be losers, and that is not a bad thing.

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    Beck's music is lyrical and appealing and the lyrics linger into the land of the surreal and sublime.  While understanding the mean
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    Beck's music is lyrical and appealing and the lyrics linger into the land of the surreal and sublime.  While understanding the meaning to some of his songs can be a challenge, it is well worth the work to get into the world of this unique artist.

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