Bassett drops first single from upcoming EP 'Ghost Highway'
KnowModelsWereHarmed via Youtube

Nomadic duo Bassett have released a new single, "Away," taken from their upcoming Nov. 18 EP Ghost Highway. The song is a transcendental experience of lush grooves, melodic vibes, and tribal mood. It makes for a mesmerizing experience. Listen the to the single here. Check out the complete track listing below.

Previously, the duo released the song, "I'm Not Alone," also taken from the new EP. Bassett dropped their full-length debut, Vanishing, in 2012. 

Bassett is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Josh Bassett. He grew up in a house full of music, playing drums and being an orchestral percussionist. It wasn't enough for him and he expanded his talents out to guitar and studied jazz at the University of Miami. But it wasn't until he moved out to LA where he began to hone his own unique singing/songwriter style. The duo also features bassist Tak Ozaki, who grew up in Japan and moved to Dublin where he learned English and toured Europe with his former band. It was while touring with his band that he met Bassett. It was only a matter of time before the two worked together and formed the duo, Bassett. 

The new EP, Ghost Highway, was inspired by a period of dark times experienced by Josh Bassett, including the time he got a shotgun pulled out on him. The album was recorded in what is known as Ed Woods Plan 9 studios due to its affiliation with the infamous director.