AXS exclusive interview: Discover the cosmic rock of Dreamers
DREAMERS debut album THIS ALBUM DOES NOT EXIST is available now! Download here: Stream here:

As they continue to rise on the charts of alternative radio, Los Angeles-based via Brooklyn Dreamers unleash their own unique sound on the world with melodious hooks and introspective lyrics, all while blending their favorite elements of pop, indie rock and even jazz. Dreamers have a full and ambitious sound for a trio, with Nick Wold (vocals/guitar), Marc Nelson (bass/vocals) and Jacob Wick (drums).

Growing up in Seattle, singer-songwriter Wold was influenced by a little local band called Nirvana. That impact on a young Wold came full circle when the band recorded their first full album at the famed Sound City Studio in L.A., birthplace to Nirvana’s iconic smash, Nevermind.

With their third single, “Sweet Disaster” off their cosmic rock album, This Album Does Not Exist, Dreamers have climbed into the #10 spot on the top 18 Countdown on Sirius Radio’s Alt Nation’s latest poll. As the band enjoys success on the road through the rest of 2016, frontman Nick Wold spoke with AXS via Skype from his Houston hotel room on a warm fall day; conversing about his NYU jazz days, existential philosophy and his love for a Seattle-based rock trio.

AXS: What was your path to becoming a singer?

Nick Wold: Growing up I was a saxophone player; I was really serious about the sax. I went to NYU for jazz. In college, I got a little disillusioned with the jazz world, and I wanted to get back to my roots in rock, so I started a band.

AXS: Dreams can be interpreted many different ways. How did you decide on the band’s name?

NW: Dreamers is what we think the role of the artist should be in the world these days. The person that thinks, that dreams and is able to think ahead and have a creative vision. That’s what Dreamers aspire to be.

AXS: With such an interesting album title, This Album Does Not Exist, what’s the story behind it?

NW: We like to talk about philosophy and existential thinking, so the title is a play on that aspect. We wanted to put out an album, but we still hadn’t yet, so the title started as a joke at first – whether the album would ever come out or not. It's really about existence that nothing really exists like you think it does.

AXS: At one point you wrote over 100 songs, some making the new album. What was your process in writing so many songs?

NW: I wrote so many songs because that’s how long it took me to get the hang of songwriting and really find my voice, find what I wanted to say in music.

AXS: Can you expand on your quote on the band's Facebook page? “They seek to counter the crassness of pop, the snobbery of jazz, and the pretension of indie that zaps the fun out of music with meaning.”

NW: To me, as it is today, a lot of my favorite jazz came from the 50s and 60s. It had a lot more spiritual weight back then. Today, jazz can be more of a talent show thing, more soulless. Pop music can be totally empty I think, lacking of expression and heart, kind of Kmart stuff. Indie rock tries too hard to be the anti-pop. We always found some music to be really great and really true, and some music that wasn’t. We wanted to strive for the first one, create music that’s great and true.

AXS: What drew you to music?

NW: Growing up in Seattle I was huge into Nirvana, I thought they were the shit. As I grew older, I realized Nirvana was the shit, and not just because I was into them. They had an ethos that they loved crazy punk rock but had a way to make it sound pop, make it sound big and listenable. We draw a lot from those kinds of things.

AXS: For a young band with a few hits on the radio, what has been the impact of Sirius Radio Alt Nation on your success so far?

NW: Radio is like a big mountain to climb that we have been slowly chipping away at. With their subscription based format, they can take risks on bands that other radio stations can’t. They definitely stepped up and took a chance on us at the beginning, which was awesome, and they have been big supporters ever since.

Dreamers nationwide tour rolls on with an upcoming sold-out show opening for Night Riots at the famed Troubadour in Los Angeles. Catch this talented trio as they crisscross the U.S. through 2016 and beyond.

w/ Great Good Fine OK:

11/1 Hamden CT @ The Ballroom at The Outer Space

11/2 Providence RI @ Columbus Theatre

11/3 Northampton MA @ Iron Horse Music Hall

11/5 Raleigh NC @ Kings

11/6 Charlotte NC @ Visulite Theatre

11/8 Orlando FL @ The Social

11/9 Tampa FL @ Crowbar

11/11 Jacksonville FL @ Jack Rabbits

11/12 Atlanta GA @ The Drunken Unicorn

11/13 Charleston SC @ The Charleston Pour House

11/15 Fort Worth TX @ Lola's Saloon

11/16 Houston TX @ Raven Tower

11/18 San Antonio TX @ Paper Tiger

11/19 Austin TX @ Sidewinder

11/20 New Orleans LA @ Hi-Ho Lounge

11/21 Nashville TN @ Exit/In

11/22 Columbus OH @ The Basement