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Cliffton Wales
Cliffton Wales Dates

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Cliffton Wales Biography

Meet Cliffton Wales:

Brianna Tagg - lead vocals/ keyboard/ acoustic guitar
Matt Wallberg- guitar
Aaron Rose- Bass

They say what's in the past should stay in the past, but that doesn't mean it should be forgotten. The memory of the past, a family history to be exact, is where the name Cliffton Wales comes from. There are two pieces of history from which the band derives its name. One, is a missed opportunity to have met an extraordinary man, Clifford Cadwallader. The other comes from a land far far away where a relative, King Cadwallader, ruled over a country known as Wales. Cliffton Wales.

Brianna Tagg- While she's not a temptress by trade, tempted is what you'll be after one listen to that voice... tempted to listen to more that is! She writes the music for the group and with the help of the band arranges the songs into what you hear today. Brianna is from Forest Lake, Minnesota. Music has been a passion since she could hold an instrument. She plays piano, guitar, violin and fiddle.

Someone once referred to us as a "Soulful voice, a dirty guitar, and a bumpin' rhythm section." I think that suits us. We are who we are and we do what we do. We take every opportunity to use the talent we were given. There is nothing more rewarding for us than standing in front of a packed house watching the crowd sing our songs with us. We are a group of musicians. We have all played with several groups, some who have toured nationally. Our unique sounds is a product of the merging of several very diverse backgrounds. There truly is something for everyone from catchy melodies and provocative lyrics to the ear candy that distinguishes Cliffton from the rest. But don't take our word for it, it's all in the ear of the beholder. Take a listen. You won't be able to get us out of your head!


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