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Three Legged Fox
Three Legged Fox Dates

Sorry, there are no Three Legged Fox dates.

Three Legged Fox Biography

Three Legged Fox released Always Anyway in summer of 2011.  Since then they have committed to bringing their live show and message to every city in the United States, including a current nine week Spring/Summer tour.  An informal entry into national touring has afforded the band the opportunity to travel and play in many places they thus far have never been.  Always Anyway marked a couple milestones for the band including a #2 chart spot on iTunes Reggae, and is the band’s bestselling album to date.  More importantly is the ability to play 150-200 shows this year.  “We’ve gotten email, or fan mail…whatever you want to call it, from people for years from so many different places that we couldn’t get ourselves to.  And so to have the chance to do that now is really a blessing.  Music is fan driven, it has to be.  The fans that we have, their support and loyalty is never lost on us.  We appreciate it tremendously,” explains drummer Kory Kochersperger.


The band will record and release new music in 2012.  An alternative to releasing an entire album, 3LF will put out a series of singles later this year.


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