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Son of Bazerk & No Self Control
Son of Bazerk & No Self Control Dates

Sorry, there are no Son of Bazerk & No Self Control dates.

Son of Bazerk & No Self Control Biography

Three guys One girl, Son of Bazerk featuring No Self Control and the BAND! hail from Freeport,Long Island. Bazerk (Tony Allen) Daddy Rawe (Gary Stanton) Almighty Jahwell (Jeffrey Height) 1/2pint (Cassandra Jackson) and The BAND!(Travis Eason) debut album Bazerk, Bazerk, Bazerk on the S.O.U.L. record in the early 90's is a hip hop cult classic. They musically fused old school hip hop, R&B, reggae and everything in between. Definitely ahead of their time (and still are), this phenomenal group was produced by the BOMB SQUAD. Heavily influenced by James Brown and his talented roster of artists, Bazerk and his crew even dressed the part wearing the stylings of the 60's and 70's.

They have toured the U.S. on major tours with P.E. and have headlined many times in the 90's overseas in Europe. Although their second album was never releases excerpts can be found on Bazerk and No Self Control continue to live in Strong Island while the BAND relocated to Georgia. Daddy Raw headlines with his own band called Soul Explosion under the name PEP the Entertainer, Bazerk has continued to work on projects in hip hop with artists such as childhood friend Flavor Flav.

Almighty Jahwell has also been working hard. 1/2pint has been teaching for the past 13 years atRooseveltHigh School and also is now the principal of the Alternative program all located inRoosevelt (Home of Public Enemy). The group has reunited and released their RE-INTRODUCTION "Well Thawed Out" on Chuck D's SLAMjamz Imprint. Produced and arranged by longtime Public Enemy DJ/Producer DJ Johnny "JUICE" Rosado, Son of Bazerk sounds like they never left!



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