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Dave Douglas Biography

The fearless trumpeter and composer plays with a stylistic breadth that roams far and wide through  the language of today’s jazz. His most recent project brings together a typically fascinating band of like-minded spirits, including bassist and producer Bill Laswell – famed as producer of Herbie Hancock’s seminal ‘Future Shock’ album – and one of today’s most original guitar voices, Mary Halvorson. The music can be heard via Greenleaf Music and reflects Douglas’ commitment to positive action - twelve tracks being released monthly, each one devoted to a major issue of concern for this world and its people.

‘All hands on deck. It’s imperative that all of us, together, work for positive change in this challenging moment - UPLIFT began as a reminder - to myself - to stay positive, stay active, and stay engaged. I hope this message reaches others through this music’. (Dave Douglas)

‘The unassuming king of independent jazz’ (Downbeat)


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