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My name is william, my love for music started at a very early age. As far back as I can remember it has always been there to lift my spirits when I am down, create a sense of belonging with melody and take me on a journey as much as a sonic deliverance can permit. I am also an art lover. I love the beauty in the written words of James Joyce, I adore the pain in a Caravaggio painting, I can see the magnificent glory in a ruby red asphodel, but my whole heart lies with song, melody and a sense of magnitude that comes when a certain combination of the two hit your heart.

The last 8 years of my life I have devoted much of my time to a rock band called Aiden. We have released 4 Full lengths, 2 EPs, a Live Album and counting. travelled the world, met loads of amazing people and played too many shows to even count. I never dreamed that a punk rock kid such as I from the suburbs of Seattle could ever make a living doing something so fantastic.

I also make records under the pseudonym William Control, which is just one of the many voices running around upstairs in the attic of my head. June 8th marked the release of my second album “Noir”, and the world is very much an awe inspiring place to reside in.

Over the course of these 8 years I have gained a bit of knowledge in a different area of my industry.... Producing and Engineering records. Learning little by little from the making of every recording I have been a part of. With the help of my uncle Bob who died in 2007(RIP) My father bill, cousin bob, brother justin and the guys in Aiden, we have built a studio from the ground up called Sleepy Hollow Studio.

To the right is a list of records I have produced. There are some ongoing projects that are in the works and I will be adding to this list as my life proceeds check back from time to time....


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