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Spoek Mathambo Biography

There is little doubt that South Africa is one of the most exciting musical hubs in the world today, and who better as its ambassador than the inimitable Spoek Mathambo .
With two solo albums under his belt (not to mention his collaborative projects Fantasma and Batuk), Spoek Mathambo is a true music activist, showcasing and stretching the limits of electronic music and hip hop. On his new album Mzansi Beat Code , he pushes it one step further, abandoning vocals to focus on production, creating a sophisticated yet densely woven landscape which mixes various South African house schools (Bacardi, iGqomu, Sghubu), Classical House, Techno, Rap and folk music Kwazulu Maskandi.
Armed with a Roland sampler and his laptop, Spoek heightens offbeat rhythms to build sound collages where percussion, bouncing guitars, and a bewildering array of samples (excerpts from phone conversations, radio interviews, speeches, sketches, old TV shows etc) intersect.
Mzansi Beat Code, is also Spoek's tribute to all past, present and future South African musicians for the strength they give it. South African culture is alive, and brimming with more energy than ever. Spread the word.

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