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Ryan Montbleau Band Biography

Ryan Montbleau has been touring as both a band leader and solo act continuously throughout the U.S. since 2003.  A gifted and award winning songwriter and vocalist, Montbleau has developed a deep bond to a fanbase that stretches from coast to coast.  His latest release Stages: Volume III celebrates 18 career-spanning Montbleau tunes recorded live and solo acoustic over a three-night run at Club Passim in 2015.  Ryan has found a home in the jam band world as much as the folk world throughout his career, able to draw the listener in with soul-gripping lyrics just as well as he can shake a room with a stellar band.  He is a native of Massachusetts and lives somewhere between there and the road.  Montbleau has performed in 46 U.S. States as well as abroad and will perform at Carnegie Hall in March of 2017.

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