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Hallelujah the Hills
Hallelujah the Hills Dates

Sorry, there are no Hallelujah the Hills dates.

Hallelujah the Hills Biography

A Band Is Something To Figure Out is the 5th full-length album from American rock band Hallelujah The Hills. It was recorded approximately ten years to the day of their first rehearsal. Described by Spin as “criminally underappreciated” and lauded byPitchfork for their “fist pumping anthems,” they’ve been declared “Boston legends” in their hometown and as having a “cult following and pockets of hardcore fans scattered throughout the country” by Stereogum. Their sound was creatively explained as “the kind of punk rock you’d expect on stage at the roadhouse from ‘Twin Peaks’” in a recent piece in The Boston Herald. Others go further, with Aquarium Drunkard noting “few do it with the style and imagination of Hallelujah the Hills” and Captain’s Dead boldly publishing that they “without a doubt they are one of the greatest bands currently making music.” Their last album, 2014’s Have You Ever Done Something Evil? was named the #1 Overlooked Album of the Year by PopMatters and landed the band on over a dozen year-end best-of lists. With A Band Is Something To Figure Out, they have released their defining statement: an ambitious, wild set of songs unlike anything the band has done before.

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