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Friends By Fire
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Friends By Fire Biography

Formed in 2010 by members Steven Schmidt (percussion), Jeff Hollander (vocals, synths, MIDI programming) and Brady Busselman (guitars). Within a few short months of formation, the band entered The Sound Gallery to record their first full length record 'Borneo'. Crowd favorite 'Magic Johnson' captured the band's ability to craft simple pop aesthetics along the lines of LCD Soundsystem and The Strokes. On a completely different side of the musical spectrum, 'We Really Burn' introduced the band's love for the vocoder and blistering intensity. The song showcases the sheer physicality of the band in its rawest form and remains a high point of their live set.Looking to channel their varied musical backgrounds and inspirations into a singular, identifiable 'sound', the band in 2011 turned to pop virtuoso Ryan Olcott (12RODS, Solid Gold, Mystery Palace) to further hone their form. The band returned to The Sound Gallery to work on their follow up EP, 'Sister Waves.' Upon release, the record found itself as a staple in house party rotations around Minneapolis and better defined their 'New Wavey' sound. Here, Olcott manages to capture the sheer musicianship of the band while tapering the sound into a codified, dancible format, yet maintaining a sense of maturity and discernment. 'On Your Side' captured the attention of Massive Music Amsterdam, which offered the band a publishing contract to use the music in commercials, movies and television throughout Europe. Massive additionally picked up 'Take In Our Hearts' a few months later. The band unofficially views their sophomore effort as their first release, but performs a few highlights from 'Borneo' in live settings.Friends By Fire bring a larger than life approach to their live shows. Their sets vary from infectious synth hooks and unstoppable dance beats to blurred walls of sound, bordering hypnotic. Although Friends By Fire doesn't maintain a rigorous touring regimen, the band plays clubs around the Midwest, focusing on it's home base, Minneapolis.At present, Friends By Fire is buckling down on new material, another EP, for release early 2013. Olcott once again is expected at the helm.

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