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Nostalghia Biography

Standing at 6'4" in five-inch stilettos, hair cascading down her back like 

Rapunzel-meets-Cher-meets-Medusa on a sunless Sunday, musical artist NOSTALGHIA 

can part a room like the Red Sea without even saying a word.  But, when she does open her 

mouth, this California/Iranian native's voice strikes you straight in the heart. As one critic 

put it, "The range of her voice is like nothing I have ever witnessed at a show: at once violent 

and evocative, yet empowering and sensual, Nostalghia has a truly authentic vulnerability 

that is most rare.  I literally found myself weeping in the middle of the venue."  


Just five years ago the untrained virtuoso didn't even know she could sing.  No one, not even 

Nostalghia, would have ever guessed that the formerly-homeless artist, who once found solace 

and sleep in a grimey Northridge piano room, would go on to write and create a sound that 

is so self-assured it makes one second-guess what it truly means to be emotionally evocative.


Nostalghia has appeared in and written for massive hit films and television shows including 

John WickJohn Wick Chapter 2, How to Get Away With Murder, The Following, the NBA Finals, 

and Salem.  She has toured with some of the biggest names in alternative rock, a few of which 

include 30 Seconds to MarsTV on the Radio, AFI, Chino Moreno's Crosses, and Serj Tankien.  

And she has played at many of the world's greatest music festivals including Austin City Limits, 

Sound Wave, Riot Fest, Life is Beautiful, Sunset Strip Music Festival, Ottawa Blues Fest, 

Pemberton Music Festival, and Hudson Project.


In 2017, this once-in-a-generation musical artist brings us a new album and a return to the 

global stage, continuing to leave her mark on the human heart. It’s become clear why one critic 

called Nostalghia's music, "An iron fist in a velvet drug." Truly, what more could you ask for?



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