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Skyfox Biography

SKYFOX are a 4-piece modern power-punk band from Denver, CO. And, no, the band was not named after a news helicopter or the Australian flying fox, as vocalist/guitarist Johnny Fox explains, “We named the band after a Fighter Jet conversion that my Grandfather helped build back in the ‘70s, the project was named ‘Skyfox.’ My grandfather owns the prototype to that aircraft and I thought that would be great to name the band after.” Indeed, a suitable name for a high-energy modern-punk band in which two of the members are certified pilots. “Both our drummer Jon Scott and I have our pilot’s license so if need be we can actually fly from show to show when we go on tour, much like Dexter from The Offspring!” Johnny boasts. With that kind of credence supported by certified pilots with a multi-engine rating, substantial talent and the musical credibility to back them, I suspect it won’t be long before the future Skyfoxaircraft leads a similar route to Iron Maiden’s Ed-Force One as the band’s primary travel in their quest for world domination! 

Skyfox came into formation a few years ago after Johnny’s misfortunes working with other Denver-area bands. “When I was in my late teens I tried-out for a bunch of local bands and some of them I joined, but I kept getting kicked out because they said I couldn’t sing, so that’s when I decided to form my own band, and I never looked back,” Johnny boldly admits.  And he found that finding the right musicians in the Denver area wasn’t nearly as hard as it would seem, as Johnny confesses, “I was walking around the college campus and I saw this tall guy wearing a Flogging Molly t-shirt and I asked him if he played bass and he said he did. So that’s how I found my bass player Matt and we’ve been playing together ever since! As far as our drummer Jon Scott, I found him online. He was really into A Cappella, classical music, and pop-vocal music like Backstreet Boys and he had been playing piano for about 13 years and was a very accomplished musician. So one day I told him you should take up drums and play for my band! Later that day we went to a friend’s band rehearsal and as they took a break Jon just hopped on the kit for the first time and started playing Metallica songs and within 2 weeks he bought a $300 drum set and became our drummer! Soon after we found our second guitarist Matt, who is a total metal-head, which added even more diversity to our sound. And with that, Skyfox was formed.”

Soon after their formation, the band now in their early/mid-20’s scored a prominent record deal with the cutting-edge Indie modern rock label Crappy Records headed by label owner Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup fame. Skyfox quickly entered the studio to record their debut EP entitled Twilight featuring the five tracks “Run Away,” “Punk Rawk Gentleman,” “Twilight,” “Worst Par of Me,” and “Church.” The EP is currently distributed by Hot Topic over a 5 state region and generating a huge buzz throughout several States. And their video for the track “Run Away” has been added on several video music channels throughout the nation. In fact, the track “Worst Part of Me” took place in the Top 10 most played songs alongside bands like Bayside, Dragonforce, Maroon 5, and John Waite on, the feverishly popular online spin-off of Guitar Hero. Robert Schwerdt, Content Manager for Jam Legend, had this to say about Skyfox, “What immediately struck me when I heard Skyfox was their sound; a polished blend of punk and alternative that just plain works.  My first thought was: ‘More people need to hear these guys!’”

With all this in play and their recent signing to Hollowpoint Management, the sky is certainly the limit for Skyfox!  Johnny asserts, “We’re really excited with what Shawn Barusch (Hollowpoint Management) has got going for us in the future. Currently we are looking to release a full-length record on a new label and we’re really anxious to get out on the road to support it!” Johnny adds, “I’ve been writing a lot of new material and our drummer Jon is also getting more involved in collaborating on the songs, he is an amazing composer and our music is progressing more toward alternative rock mixed with the power-punk/pop edge of bands like Green Day and Blink 182.”


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