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Female fronted Alchemilla is a mix of old and new influences including Soundgarden, Billie Holiday, Neil Young and Amy Winehouse. Think 70’s guitar meets 90’s angst. If Sylvia Plath and Jimmy Page had a bare-knuckled brawl then shared drinks with The Doors and Sleater-Kinney, Alchemilla would be playing in the background.
New record, THE DIVIDE coming 11.19.2016
Alchemilla EP "Hearts" now available through iTunes, Spotify, Bancamp and more. Released 10/31/2014, the four song EP includes "Live Life Over," "Hearts," "In My Head," and "One Way." The song "In My Head" is featured in the 11/11/2014 released "Keep Safe Boston" compilation benefitting Planned Parenthood.  "Hearts" was recorded, produced and engineered by Jordan Tishler for Digital Bear Entertainment, also recorded at Wellspring Sound. Cover photography and costuming by Petersun Photography.
Alchemilla EP "Diamonds from the Penny Arcade" is available through iTunes, Amazon, Zune via XBox, Spotify, Soundcloud, eMusic and more. The five song EP was released on August 18, 2012 and includes the songs Diamonds, On Time, The Wheel, Devil on the Floor and Hit the Ground.The album was recorded at Moontower Studio in Somerville, MA mixed and mastered by Mike Quinn. The album is self-produced, a first for Alchemilla.
Alchemilla’s 2010 full-length album “Chasing Ghosts” is also available online via iTunes and The song “Bleeder” is currently available for download through the Xbox 360 Marketplace and playable in the video game Rock Band 2. Alchemilla's first release is the 2005 EP entitled “Vulgaris.”

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