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The A's Biography

The A's is Amelia Meath (Sylvan Esso, Mountain Man) and Alexandra Sauser-Monnig (Daughter of Swords, Mountain Man). The duo's debut album FRUIT is wild, weird cosmic cowboy songs performed on hair, ice chunk, nylon shorts, gravel, guitar, and more. The brand new project from longtime friends and collaborators is introspective, immersive, and illustrative with a bright, strong fully realized aesthetic vision -- a gleeful explosion both bewitching and calming simultaneously. The tracks here run the gamut from original music to covers of standards, from gentle acoustic folk, to yodeling and a cappella, to hushed synth moments, threaded together with the through line of Meath and Sauser-Monnig's voices.


Squinkly bing bong shaking at the knees
Willow trees are quaky just a-bendin' in the breeze
Tickle me tulip you're a flower in the crown
I liked the way it sounded when you did it upside down
Rubber band snap and a clippity clap
Did you hear what happened Alli when I tipped my hat?

If you follow your glee to the sycamore tree
You just might find a rabbit in the willowy snee
I'll take you to the movies and I'll take you to the stream
I'll tell you that I love you in the moonlight's beam
With a song and a joke and twinkle in the eye
We might just take you on a ride in the sky!

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