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Paul Kalkbrenner
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Paul Kalkbrenner Biography

In the techno scene, Paul Kalkbrenner is a superstar. He’s talented, ambitious and super successful with his feet firmly on the ground and a playful desire to experiment. Rooted in his hometown of Berlin, Germany, Paul is a unique international talent - happy to rave with the best of them but renowned for a deeper musical mood. Paul is the guy who can go, hands in the air - to full dance floor delirium, but his head will never spin all the way off. 

Paul Kalkbrenner’s demanding LIVE compositions are full of energy tempered by moments of quiet. They exist in the here and now, to take listeners away from their everyday, from the weekly grind, into rapture - where there is also art, ecstasy, absurdity, friendship, hope and love. 

When he was 18, Paul was working as an editor for German television stations, spending his days sitting in mobile editing suites watching as staid German political parties held national conferences. This job gave him enough money to buy audio equipment and he began to produce his own tracks, Paul wanted to play his own music live. 

Following a meeting with Ellen Alien, Paul’s first tracks were released on the newly founded BPitch Control label in 1999. Paul was almost too shy to use his real name: the first hit, Friedrichshain, was by “Paul dB+”. 

In contrast to the darker, monotone sounds that characterized techno at the time, Paul’s music was all about a more melodic, non-stop party. After a number of 12” singles, Paul realised he was better suited to producing albums and in 2000, he released Superimpose, followed by Zeit in 2001 Local music press were complimentary and began to write about him, soon he was getting regular bookings for gigs throughout Germany. 


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