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Midas Biography

As the stage name he’s gone by since the inception of his dynamic independent career would imply, everything Midas touches turns to gold. From the release of his debut album “Son of the Crack Era,” Midas has cultivated a following of loyal fans who remain dedicated to his truth to life rhymes and stories about his environment growing up in Long Beach, California.

The years between Midas’ debut album and the progression of his production choices, the expansion of the themes within his verses and the natural growth of an artist finds the MC gearing up for the release of “Hold Me Down.” A project he calls “a story of Detroit,” the album is narrated by his mother and chronicles the early life setting that gave him his foundation.

As a brand ambassador Midas has serviced his following not only with music but movies and merchandise including the nationally distributed apparel line “Doobie Club.” A cannabis enthusiast, the smoker culture permeates his fan base, lifestyle and now, his design choices.

“Doobie Club” is an ideology, a lifestyle, a brand and a culture driven toward artists, music lovers and those on the quest for greatness. In 2018, the brand will expand from clothing to tours, media, endorsements and other merchandise all with Midas at the helm as “Doobie Club” leader.


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