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Spock Biography

Known for his quirky, asinine antics both on and off stage, Cali’ native and social media influencer, Spock, is quickly establishing a name for himself in the bass music sector. Although relatively new to the scene, he is certainly no stranger to heavy music. With deep roots in Metal and influences such as Lamb of God and Slayer, he picked up proficiency in both guitar and drums early in his childhood. His venture into dubstep began upon discovering Skrillex’ “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” in 2011, followed by experimentation into his sound before making his national debut as support for Getter’s “Wat the Frick” tour. His popularity following the late 2016 tour received massive industry attention, as he would later announce not only his induction to the SLVYVLL management family, but his addition to the Circle Talent Agency roster under the personal direction of Steve Gordon, in 2017. With successful self-releases including his latest drop, “Demons,” and “Speaker Jam” with bass monster AFK, alongside his label debut “Four Eyes” on Getter’ imprint Shred Collective, Spock is swiftly posturing as a compelling influence in the evolving realm of electronic music.

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