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Luscious Jackson Biography

1992- LJ are the first signing on Grand Royal, the Beastie Boys indie label and subsequently win “Best EP” in the Village Voice Pazz and Jop awards for “In Search of Manny”. Luscious Jackson does first live concert opening for Cypress Hill and Beastie Boys at NYC club the Building.

1993- LJ opens for the Breeders in Europe and the US and learns the ropes of touring from Breeders’ leader Kim Deal.

1994- “Natural Ingredients” is released on Grand Royal/Capitol to critical and commercial acclaim and the single “Here” is featured in the motion picture “Clueless”. LJ must learn Rollerderby in one day and compete with seasoned rollerderby chicks on an inclined roller rink for a music video. Vivian, the most confident of the LJ girls on skates, gets sideswiped
by a huge rollerbroad and must be taken in for observation. She is eventually okay. LJ tours with Lollapalooza across the US and gets more and more fans (with Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, Funkadelic, A Tribe Called Quest, Breeders, Boredoms, and Flaming Lips among others).

1995- LJ open for supergroup R.E.M. throughout the US and perform at Madison Square Garden in their hometown of NYC. Michael Stipe and the boys treat LJ like royalty. Jill and Viv’s side project “Kostars” is released on Grand Royal and goes into heavy rotation on college and indie radio. It sets the stage for the next LJ album.

1996- “Fever in Fever Out” is released. Legendary producer Daniel Lanois signs on to work with the group and they come up with their most successful album. This album goes Gold in the US thanks to the single “Naked Eye” which is a top 40 hit. The video for Naked Eye is shot in the World Trade Center (made to look like a 1960’s airport). LJ tours all over the world, opening for Beastie Boys in Europe.

1997- Gap Commercials feature Luscious Jackson performing “Let It Snow” and “Flip Flop” and LJ enters the mainstream consciousness of America. Luscious Jackson is featured in a question on the game show “Jeopardy”.

1998- Luscious Jackson perform on Lillith Fair tour with Sarah McLachlan, Emmylou Harris and others. Vivian Trimble leaves LJ amicably to start her own musical project “Dusty Trails” with Josephine Wiggs of the Breeders. Luscious Jackson begins recording their fourth album as a trio.

1999- “Electric Honey” is released featuring the single “Ladyfingers”. One of the best videos of their career is created by director Tamra Davis and features a “party bus” full of revelers singing and dancing.

2000- Luscious Jackson agrees that is time to call it quits and focus on personal lives and families.

2007- Jill Cunniff releases solo album "City Beach" on Militia Group and Gabby also releases solo album.

2011 Luscious Jackson reunites to record a children’s album in honor of their young families. Stay tuned-we are going to finish this really damn soon!!!!!


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