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2U, "A Beatle-Mania-like live show, geared toward the band U2"


2U has been playing to rave reviews at hundreds of top clubs, colleges, festivals, theaters, performing arts centers, and major corporate events, both nationally and internationally, for the past Sixteen years. Formed in 1999, the utmost attention has been paid to detail. Feeling that it was not enough only to emulate U2's music "to the note", which this band does second to none, 2U  recreates a live "U2 show experience."


While their lead vocalist is indeed a dead ringer for Bono, all of the band-members actually resemble their respective counter-part in U2 as well. With lighting, sound, and costuming, the band has no rival in the tribute community. They are the best at what they do and have a full booking calendar, world wide and year 'round to attest to that fact. They are the world's only officially endorsed tribute to U2. The band is made up of past and present members of such notable bands as: New Life Crisis, Nine Days, Rotgut, Harpy, The Good Rats, The Opie and Anthony house band, and many other internationally touring recording acts.


They've performed a month long extended run with the world famous tribute show "Legends in Concert" at the Imperial Palace, on the Las Vegas strip. No full band to date has been able to make that claim, with the exception of only one world famous Beatles tribute act. They've also been invited back to Disney World in Orlando for the past 6 years running to perform on the American Garden Stage for a weeklong engagement with the "Sounds Like Summer" Tribute series. Only the world's top tribute bands have been booked there for more than a single season. For this show, the band needed to have U2's personal management company "sign off" on a release required by the Disney Corporation for all participating tribute bands. After having reviewed the bands online media, they signed the release without hesitation. 2U will be returning to Epcot's "Sounds like Summer concert series" this year for their 8th annual return engagement in a row.


When one experiences a 2U show, they come away feeling as though they've just seen a live U2 show, sometimes in an intimate setting and always at a fraction of the genuine articles' ticket price. The reviews speak for themselves.


Gaining widespread notoriety through tireless touring, in the Twelve years they've been performing, they have become the absolute best U2 tribute band that the world has to offer. They have been reviewed by several nationally distributed publications as "A Beatle-mania-like live show, geared toward the band U2"...and,  "2U- The World's 2nd Best U2 Show. Period."


2U cast members:


Paul Mahos- Lead Vocals and Guitar

Joe Cumia- Lead Guitar and Vocals

Denis Perry- Bass and Vocals

Vince Tattanelli- Drums and Sequencing



2U - The World's 2nd Best U2 Show    www.notu2.com




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