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To think the 'rock-band' daydream started way back in 7th grade and grew to today, where Minnesota born-and-raised alternative rock band MANALIVE is quickly gaining notoriety throughout the Twin Cities.

This band, consisting mostly of full-time college students, is sending a buzz through the metro area and everyone seems to be tuning in. The band started out in 2003 as nothing but a distant hope of three 7th grade boys who all met and bonded over their mutual interest in music. Lead vocals and guitarist Benjamin Thiry moved to Braham middle school, where he ended up meeting Aidan Fealy (keyboard), and Adam Hendren (guitar). The three quickly warmed up to each other, and living in a small town, being in a band would be a dream come true.

"We all loved music and knew we would make something of it someday, we just weren't quite sure how." Says Aidan. Band names were tossed around for several years in a non-serious manner while playing local gigs, until finally, they struck gold in the summer of 2013. Much to their surprise, the band landed a show that they did not expect they would get. It was then that they really buckled down and came up with 'MANALIVE'. The band soon decided that their sound just wasn't quite complete. Ben, being the main songwriter of the group, and much of his songs including parts that were sung by two people, knew he couldn't do it on his own.

The next step was pretty obvious, and the band was joined by Adam's sister Amanda Hendren as lead female vocalist and songwriter. Amanda added a great dynamic to the mix by, bringing in her powerful voice and adding to the already unique sound of MANALIVE, giving it the final touch they were looking for.

At live shows, the band gives off an almost indie, edgy-rock feel, but in more intimate vocal moments, the alternative sound really shines. All members have agreed that bands like Spill Canvas, City and Colour and Taking Back Sunday have inspired their sound. Lead vocalists, Ben Thiry and Amanda Hendren's voices blend together perfectly, combining Ben's soft, raspy voice and Amanda's unique, powerful vocals, the result is pure duet magic. Add in the lead guitarist, Adam, and dash of keyboard via Aidan, and MANALIVE's music is hard not to lose yourself in.

Although they couldn't be happier with their devoted fans in the Twin Cities area, MANALIVE is more than ready to share their music with anyone that is willing to listen, and get their 'easy-listening' tunes into more headphones.

"We'd love to get our music out to more and more people, because it's so relatable." Says Adam. Big things are in the works for these youngins, and they don't plan on stopping until they get them.


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