100 Shots
100 Shots Dates

Sorry, there are no 100 Shots dates.

100 Shots Biography

100 Shots is a metaphor for a second chance, the 100th shot. 6 members with over 10 years experience each in the music world 100 Shots is not wasting any more time. 100 Shots is a band from Denver, Colorado that was formed in January 2013. 

Two emcees, two guitars, drum, bass, DJ and a live female vocalist make up the band. 100 Shots' music and message consists of bravado, drugs, pain, love, sex, government awareness of current events and the tales of real life situations such as death, prison, heartbreak and illegal activities. 100 Shots sounds like a mixture of Five Finger Death Punch and The Clipse. 

100 Shots self titled debut album was released independently in November 2013 and recorded at Colorado Sound Studios and engineered by Jesse Obrien. 


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