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Every now and then our ears are witness to something new, something it never expected. Usually it signifies the birth of a new genre of music, other times its the perfection of one. Sometimes if we are really lucky we will become a part of something bigger. At first listen, it is the impossible. After that, it is the realization of dreams. For EDM and beyond that something is SAVANT.

Hailing from Oslo, Norway SAVANT, known by birth as Aleksander Vinter, was not a name chosen but rather a description. He has Aspergers Syndrome. With production, and in performance it is a gift of an extraordinary musical splinter skills. He has created over 10,000 songs from Classical to Black Metal, Dubstep and everything in between. He was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy Award in 2009 for his first album called “Outbreak”. This was the catalyst.

Aleksander debuted SAVANT in late 2011 with his album “Ninur” and has been on a rocket ship ever since that time. Showing lovers of EDM that there is much more to be done with the music that revelers have come to love. In 2012 he broke loose with four full albums starting with “Vario” in February, a Beatport #4 Top Release. Then “Overworld” in June, a Beatport #1 Top Release. “ISM” followed shortly after that in September with a Beatport #1 Top Release. “Alchemist”, another incredible album release in December crushed the Beatport charts by hitingt the #1 spot for Dub-step, Drum and Bass, Electro-House, Indie Dance/Nu Disco and Overall. As if that wasn’t enough he also released dozens of tracks to his fans via SoundCloud as “Mixtapes” and free EPs like “Mindmelt” and “Overkill”. His hard work shattered expectations and imaginations. In 2013 he released his 7 track EP “♥ (heart)” where he dominated the charts at with #1 Overall, #1 Electro House, #1 D&B, #1 Glich-Hop genres. All around SAVANT had 39 tracks across all of the Beatport charts.

2013 looks just as exciting and action packed with collaborations of EDM icons like BT and Infected Mushroom and a peppering of albums. Let the anticipation begin here and now for what’s next in EDM, dance music and more because SAVANT is just getting started.


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