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Heart and Soul Radio Biography

Heart & Soul Radio formed in March of 2009 out of the ashes of the former bands, Animo® and DORK®. After years of surviving a “VH1’s Behind The Music” lifestyle, Brian Johannsen, Jimmy Blair and Schuyler Ankele have overcome all the odds and continue to be one of the most creative and prolific modern rock bands.

These rock n’ roll veterans have experienced drawn out band breakups, major label record deals falling through in the final hour, the tragic passing of band members, drug addiction, alcoholism, groupies, international touring and radio play, stadium shows in front of tens of thousands of people, and gaining one of the most intense and passionate fan bases in rock n’ roll. Through every up and down, trial and tribulation, one thing rang true: the music.

Heart & Soul Radio has given this ragtag group of friends a medium to do things their own way and on their own terms. Coming together purely for their love of rock, they have matured into some of the industries best songwriters and musicians. Combining brash opinioned rally cries and introspective intricate ballads, Heart & Soul Radio has perfectly balanced themselves for radio singles and electric live performances.

Living up to their title as the “ultimate DIY kids” dubbed by Kevin Lyman, Brian is a highly accredited producer and engineer who gained his master’s degree in recording arts from CU Denver. The band’s ability to cut new tracks as they write has proven instrumental to their independent success.

What started out as clever lyrics to pay tribute to the great Bouncing Souls has transformed into the band’s motto: “No, we’re not letting up. No, we’re not giving in. Now we can’t let it go, Heart & Soul Radio!”



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