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Jason Latimer was born with a wrench in hand and a lot of questions. By nine years old, Latimer began chasing down what he thought magic could look like with the simple question of, “What is possible?”

“I went into science to understand that; first mathematics, then physics, chemistry, and then applied sciences …engineering, design, psychology, even economics …anything to understand the world better. And now, I am absolutely confident in saying ‘I have no idea what’s going on’ …All I’ve found is that the right question…Changes everything.” – Jason Latimer

That one question has led to an incredible show of live effects with shaping water into solid forms and popping them, bending laser beams with his bare hands, animating art on his own skin or teleporting people across time and space and many other amazing creations. His charismatic personality and high-energy performances recently won the hearts and minds of the UK audience of television series “The Magicians” (BBC1) voting him the winner and series champion. Competing each week in the United Kingdom against two established British acts was a huge challenge but it allowed Latimer to showcase his imagination and the public’s response was overwhelming.

Today, Latimer has stolen the spotlight on multiple occasions as “one of magic’s most gifted creators” (Genii Magazine). His love to wonder and passion to build the impossible has led to magic’s highest honor as he was named the “Grand Prix ‘Best Overall’ World Champion of Magic.” By combining technology with performance, humor, psychology, choreography, pure sleight of hand skill and applied sciences Latimer has ushered in a new genre of magic for the twenty first century.

“Jason Latimer is standing the magic world on its head.” - Los Angeles Times

“One of the superstars of tomorrow.” - Daily News

“With Latimer, the future of magic is in good hands.” -Siegfried & Roy

“The greatest magician working today.” - Parade Magazine



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